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Course Time: 3 hours


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and is projected to eventually surpass Google. Let's use that to make some money... Am I right?


It's time to utilize YouTube to grow your business or brand! With up to date YouTube Marketing techniques, this course will not only boost your reach and get you in front of more customers, but it'll boost your conversion rates and increase revenue!


This is the COMPLETE PACKAGE when it comes to YouTube Marketing. From beginner to advanced to expert, you'll learn a ton of valuable information!


Whether you're in the real estate world (like myself), run your own business, or you want to learn this next generation skill to add to your tool belt, this YouTube course is perfect for you!


Specifically Why THIS YouTube Marketing Course?

Well Shawn Malkou, instructor of this course, lives and breathes YouTube. As a YouTube content creator with over 300,000 subscribers on a single gaming channel, Shawn has been on the platform managing and working with thousands of channels and brands since 2011. He's taken the knowledge learned from the gaming side of entertainment, and transformed that to the business world.


Shawn sticks to what he knows best. He doesn't teach topics he isn't an expert on.


This course contains exclusive information that you won't find anywhere else online. Shawn shows how utilizing both passive and active methods of lead generation on YouTube will explode your business exponentially. Throughout the course Shawn uses examples in relation to building a real estate brand because the examples are applicable to nearly any industry (e-commerce, small biz, service-based, etc.).


Lastly, YouTube is not static as it changes all the time. Massive updates roll out every single month whether it looks like it or not. It's Shawn's job to stay up to date on every little change YouTube goes through. This course will constantly be getting new content and will keep up to date as YouTube changes! It's important to stay with the times and take full advantage of what YouTube has to offer.


General Skills You'll be Capable of After Course

  • How to Generate Quality Leads
  • Grow your (Real Estate/Entrepreneurship/Corporate/etc) Business with YouTube
  • Increase Revenue and Get More Customers with YouTube
  • Optimize YouTube Channel to Get More Views and Conversions
  • Drive More Traffic to Website and Landing Pages
  • How to Create YouTube Ad Campaigns to Promote Your Product or Service
  • Learn What a YouTube Sales Funnel is and How to Set it Up
  • How to Create Quality Videos Through Production


Does your course have any prerequisites?

  • An open mind with the willingness to change daily habits
  • The drive and commitment to better yourself and achieve more
  • Only 2 hours of your time!


Who is your target student?

  • Anyone who wants more hours in a day
  • Anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder
  • Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students, Parents, or Anyone Struggling to Find Free-Time

YouTube Lead Generation: Grow Your Business through YouTube

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