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Course Time: 1 hour


Team chemistry and team unity is by far more important than talent..


Teams are inevitable in any business, and so is the chemistry between its members, and so, the key to successful team building is paying attention to the vitality of chemistry between team members. It isn’t enough having a group of people to merely work on a project; they must connect with and balance each other’s strengths.


By concentrating on the ‘chemistry’ as you build the group, you will not only be developing a sense of unity but decrease the chance of encountering pitfalls as well.


With our “Team Building through Chemistry” course, participants will discover the specifics involved in building a team through chemistry and how it will lead to success.


Below are the workshop objectives and contents:

  • Understand the team development model
  • Identify team chemistry
  • Create vision and goals
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Manage conflict
  • Leadership functions
  • Developing cohesions


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Team Building Through Chemistry

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