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Course Time: 1 hour 


Supply chains are everywhere. From the biggest company in the world to running your household, we all have supply chain experience even if we don’t know it.


Supply Chain Management strengthens the communication and collaboration between producers, distributors and consumers. To be competitive in today's global economy, it must be held at a high level of organization. Products and services are now being imported from all over the world, and if not handled properly, this process can be hectic and difficult..


Our course will give you an overview of: the end-to-end supply chain, supply chain management, procurement & supplier management, contracts & negotiations, supply chain strategy, logistics (inbound & outbound), supply chain enablement, supply chain planning, supply chain network optimization.


Our specially crafted course is designed to take you through:

  • Why Supply Change Management
  • Key Terms
  • Three levels of supply chain management
  • Five Stages of Supply Chain Management
  • The Flows of Supply Chain Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Groups
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • Supply Chain Event Management


Want to be an authority in today’s global economy? ENROLL NOW!


Supply Chain Management

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