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Course Time: 3.5 hours 


Angular Version 7.x

Purpose: To keep this course on the cutting edge of Angular technology and be consistent in providing instruction for the features found in the latest Angular release (v7.1.1)


In this update we addressed the major changes in the Angular version 7.1.1 release (late November 2018). Per our course content, including hands-on coding exercises, there were a few breaking changes in the 7.0.x releases which ripped across much of the original project code and also included minor, non-breaking changes which outdated certain aspects of our original content.


We updated all of the course’s code-along video content to fix the breaking changes, including:


  • Angular-CLI & npm syntax usage
  • Angular-CLI template output changes
  • Material 2 inclusion and configuration syntax changes


Fallout of the above deltas outdated a large percentage of the course’s existing content. Each affected video in the series was updated to reflect the current release.


The Angular CLI has been continually improving since its inception. Additional features that have bumped its power up changed some of the commands and flags that are used in creating new Angular projects, generating assets, and adding schematics.


While closely tied to the Angular core library, but not included in it, the Material 2 styling library has endured a lengthy, rough development and release lifecycle. As this library is so closely tied to the Angular core, we’ve included content in this video series from the beginning. Again, in this current release, many breaking changes and previously unavailable features were included. We made significant changes to existing content and created additional content to appropriately cover the current state of the Material library.


As with prior updates to this video series, we applied incremental improvements to existing content in an effort to continuously improve the overall effectiveness and appeal of the entire course.

Starting with Angular 7

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