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Course Time: 1 hour


And, after all, winning business is what writing proposals is all about.


There is a very huge difference between learning to write proposals and learning to write successful proposals. Many platforms can teach you how to write a good proposal; only few can teach you how to write successful proposals. We are the Pro!


Completing this course will help cultural managers prepare successful project proposals, and so obtain the funds for implementing these projects. After completing the course, you will be able to determine the project’s goals, objectives and expected outcomes, find partners and develop proper applications.


This proposal writing course is set to take you through the following:

  • Writing winning proposals effectively and efficiently.
  • Develop proposals with a higher chance of winning.
  • Learn how to differentiate your proposals from competition.
  • Best practices, templates, guides, and tips and tricks.
  • Proposal strategy, planning, authoring, and improving.
  • Thinking like a proposal evaluator, funder, buyer or investor.
  • Learning to win business via grants and contracts.


Want to learn this unique, must have skill today! SIGN UP FOR THIS COURSE TODAY!

Proposal Writing

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