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Course Time: 3 hours 


Microsoft Office is critical to the day to day operations of any organization. This course is specifically focused on Microsoft Office Word 2019 that is an essential word processing tool used by many organizations. Whether you use Word for work, study or leisure, this course will help you transform that blank page into a professional-looking document!


In this course you can learn how to use Word 2019 to build and modify basic documents; format documents; attach tables and lists; attach elements of design and choices of layout; and document proofing.


Microsoft ® Term 2019 is built to help you step through the process of designing professional documents smoothly. The powerful features and resources will make your work simple, and even enjoyable.


This course requires you to have end-user skills for the latest edition of Windows, including the ability to start programs, move between programs, find saved d• This course is intended for students who wish to expand their skillset within Microsoft Wordata, close programs and navigate websites through a web browser, to ensure your progress in this course.

Microsoft Office Word 2019: Basic

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