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Course Time: 3 hours


The Microsoft Office Access 2016: L2 course builds upon basic Microsoft Access skills acquired in Access Level 1 course to help students become power users. In this Microsoft Access course, students will delve deeper into the program by studying topics such as how to manage data and data entry, create forms and dialog boxes, split databases, and much more. The course focuses on the Access 2016 topics such as designing a relational database, joining tables, using data validation, creating advanced queries, organizing a database for efficiency and using advanced reporting techniques.


Microsoft Office is critical to the day to day operations of any organization. This three leveled set of courses is specifically focused on the Microsoft Office Access 2016 that is an essential data management tool used by many organizations. The course is essential to allow smooth transition from the older Microsoft Office Access versions to the latest Microsoft Office Access 2016.

Microsoft Office Access 2016 Intermediate

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