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Course Time: 11 hours


Learn network penetration testing, ethical hacking using the amazing programming language, Python along with Kali Linux!


  • The first half of the course is all about Python Introduction and Advanced training
  • The second half of the course is all about Penetration Testing using Python code


What you’ll learn

  • Become proficient with Python programming - Introduction and Advanced
  • Learn how to install a Virtual Box (Machine) for Kali Linux
  • Understand what a penetration tester really does
  • Learn about Various tools for penetration testing
  • Learn how to install Kali Linux in Windows Machine from Scratch - Step-by-Step
  • Create Python programs to seek vulnerabilities on the network system
  • Explore various tools using Kali Linux


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You need to be tech savvy
  • You also need a fast internet connection
  • A minimum of 8 GB RAM on your computer is recommended


Who this course is for:

  • This course is for complete beginners
  • Intermediate and advanced users can also enroll to learn tips and techniques


Complete Ethical Hacking Course 2.0: Python & Kali Linux

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