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The CNP – Certified Network Principles is a comprehensive course covering the entire networking stack starting from desktop networking, physical networking, TCP/IP fundamentals, Internet, WAN, Wireless LANs and Security. This course also covers the evolution in networking technologies as well as the modern techniques to defend the network.

The course also covers the day to day administration tasks that are faced by network administrators working in enterprises. Overall, the course offers a great opportunity to learn the basics of networking and preparing for the challenging tasks faced by real-world network administrators.


What knowledge & tools are required for the above course?

There is no prerequisite for this course however, the candidates are expected to have a basic knowledge of computing principles, networking technologies, routing and switching protocols, and a desire to learn new things.


Who should take this course?

The course is intended for:

·       Network administrators working in enterprises

·       Students of Data Communication

·       Aspiring Cyber Security Professionals

·       IT professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of networking principles


What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

After successfully completing this course, the students will be able to understand the basic networking principles and their practical implementation in corporate network. The course also enables the students to comprehend the overall lifecycle of an IT asset, be it desktops, networking components, security solutions and/or the latest networking technologies.


The course also helps the students to be able to plan the corporate networks, keeping in mind the industry best-practices. The topics related to the virtualization, VoIP, CASB, network virtualization, IoT and cloud networks offer the students unparallel advantage over industry peers and enable them to be a step ahead of the other professionals in the networking industry.


The course covers the topics in a great depth with ten chapters and over fifteen hours of lectures offering a deep dive in every technology that it discusses. The prospective students targeting career growth in the field of computer networking, cyber security, IT administration and any other managerial role must find this course very interesting and helpful to achieve their targets.

Certified Network Principles : CNP

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