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Course Time: 16 hours


Feeling the need to bolster your skills in Cloud Security? Then you are at the place, because our CCSO course offers you such revitalized and refreshed topics as Cloud risks, Legal Implications, Data Center Operations, Incident Response, Application Security and more.


Baseline requirements to fully participate in CCSO course?

Good knowledge and experience in the Cloud, IP and IT infrastructure are required to progress in this program.


Who should participate in this course?

CCSO's courses are aptly developed for candidates with knowledge in the IT field, especially in the cloud, and have a desire to improve their learning experience and practical skills in applying cloud security. It is mainly for candidates who wish to:

  • Ready themselves for the CCSO certification exams
  • Learn and apply cloud security at global standard level


What will students candidates who engaged in this course be able to do?

This course prepares you for the CCSO exams. Candidates who excelled will have acquired the knowledge to:

  • Evaluate Cloud Migration Security and Assess Risks
  • Understand Legal Requirements and Unique Risks within the Cloud Environment
  • Audit logging/Detect Intrusion
  • Perform DR and BCM
  • Understand SAML Assertions, protocols and Binding


For the duration of this course, you will be exposed to impactful virtual-based classes, coupled with sufficient practical examples on everything cloud security, to give you a deeper understanding of it all. You’re taught according to the leading global standards. The right path to a successful career as a cloud security officer starts with a smart decision you make with us today. REGISTER NOW!


Certified Cloud Security Officer CCSO

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