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So, you've learned the fundamentals of HTML and JavaScript? But, perhaps you're having trouble seeing how you fit everything together to make an app? Maybe you're looking for good projects you can complete to become a stronger developer? Or do you want to start moving away from "beginner" status in your development work?


This is a full application with code, video instructions, and a printable printed manual. We've designed it for you, the person who has already learned the basics and now needs to move on to developing applications.


The Daily Goal Tracker App is a full application built in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the jQuery Mobile library. While building the app, you use JavaScript to interact with the browser’s localStorage object and jQuery to build a cool listview.


Specifically, the technologies used in this application include:



HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language) provides the scaffolding for all web applications and many of the mobile applications used today. HTML5 is used to create the user interface in the application.



JavaScript is the most important programming language you can learn today. The JavaScript programming language powers web interactivity, communication with API’s and can even be the engine of online games.


jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is the most popular library available for working with JavaScript in the mobile environment. jQuery mobile provides a beautiful, responsive interface for the app. jQuery shorthand is also used in place of lengthy JavaScript methods.



For years, the browser was unable to store any information outside of cookies. However, SessionStorage and LocalStorate, used in the app let us store data between application sessions.


What you'll learn


  • How to use HTML5, jQuery and JavaScript to Build a Working App
  • How to use jQuery Mobile to Build a Responsive Design User Interface
  • How to use JavaScript's LocalStorage to Store Objects (semi)Permanently
  • How to Use jQuery's JavaScript Short Hand
  • How to Use the Developer Tools to Trace Application Variables and Actions




  • Fundamental Understanding of HTML and Javascript is helpful


Who this course is for:


  • People who Need Practice Projects to Build their Development Skills
  • New Developers Who have Learned HTML and JavaScript Basics
  • People Ready to Apply Their HTML and JavaScript Skills to App Development

*Build a Goal Tracking App

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