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Course Time: 1.5 hours


Do your meetings need a makeover? Are your meetings lacking energy, creativity, productivity or efficiency?


This course has over 35 lectures to help take your meetings to the next level! Meetings are not just for businesses, but for ANY organization, gathering, or community be it between good friends, or co-workers.


After this meetings course you will be able pinpoint the areas in your meeting that need more organization along with knowing how to give your meeting that creativity boost that it's been missing.


For these creative group exercises you have to have an open mind and be able to relax so it is understandable that not every form of meeting whether it's business related or a specific gathering with more serious undertones will be able to utilize the nature of these creativity exercises.


This meetings course gives you the knowledge and tools to start having more productive and valuable meetings that generate new ideas and stay on track for success.


Alex has extensive experience in the business world. He shares his knowledge on how to take your meeting productivity to the next level along with breaking down the different types of meetings that exist in business. Alex explains what the main goal that each type of meeting should accomplish and how to attain it during your meetings. He wants your meetings to be effective and have purpose that achieve max results.


Tatiana, on the other hand, believes that when a group of people are gathered is the perfect time to utilize creativity and creative thinking. Creativity can be used in any form of gathering, be it in business, organizations, schools, classes or one on one meetings that do not have a serious subject to discuss at hand. Why not use creativity to come up with new ideas and/or problem solve creatively when you are among other people?


Mixing Alex's business insight with Tatiana's upbeat creative exercises that can be used in any setting from schools to brainstorming session in any community gives you lots of great insight for tackling any form of meetings.


In this class you will:

  • Build a stronger team by increasing the productivity and creativity in your meetings
  • Start encouraging creativity in your meetings
  • Learn 7 different types of meetings and how to make each type a success
  • Be able to use incentives to boost creativity in any group setting
  • Get everyone refocused on the meeting goals when it starts getting off track
  • Put into practice over ten different way to boost creativity by bouncing ideas off each other
  • Understand the importance and purpose of a facilitator for your meetings
  • Keep introductory meetings with anyone new on track


This meetings class is just ONE hour! We don't have any time wasters or fillers because your time is valuable and in just one hour you will feel more confident and prepared to hold your next meeting.


Meetings happen on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis for you. The main take away point is that you will never stop having meetings that's why our goal is to make your meetings as productive and full of creativity as possible for the rest of your career and LIFE.


Meetings are not supposed to be boring, dreadful or pointless so enroll today and start having meetings that are stimulate your creativity and productivity!


Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone wanting a better understanding of how to organize a great meeting
  • Anyone wanting to give their meetings a creative boost to generate fresh ideas



Boost Productivity

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