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Which activities work for team building?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Team building is something that any company should do regularly to maintain their teams' wellness!

Why is it important? Just to mention some:

  • Helps to bond while having fun

  • Helps to get to know each other better

  • Help build camaraderie and trust

  • Help remind people that work is never just about them, but about the whole group.

Today we will write here some of the best you can do!

During a meeting!

  • Solve a Puzzle This can be a literal puzzle, like a 500-piece set or a brain teaser that requires thinking and brainstorming out loud.

  • Try a Compliment Circle Spend five minutes having individuals compliment one another, whatever pops into their mind

  • Count to 20 Have everyone sit in a circle. Anyone can start the count off or say a number at any time, the goal being to count from one to 20. However, if two people jump in at the same time to say a number, the count starts over.

During the workday

  • Play Team or Board Games It may feel silly to pull out some games in the middle of the office, but you may be surprised to find that doing so loosens your team up and forces them to work together in different and creative ways.

  • Give Out Blind Directions Pair team members up and have one put on a blindfold—it’s then the other person’s job to direct them in making moves as best they can, whether that’s getting them to the other side of the office or having them complete a task like moving an object or drawing a picture.

  • Do a Silent Line-Up Set a timer, and have people line up in various orders say, by height, birthday, or company tenure—without saying a word. Your team will learn a bit about each other while overcoming an unusual challenge.

Outside the office

  • Complete an Escape-the-Room Challenge Trying to escape when you’re “trapped” in a room with people (in a set time period) is a team effort

  • Take a Cooking Class Cooking classes are a great way to help teams bond because they’re not just an individual activity—often what you’re making requires multiple sets of hands.

  • Sign Up for Trivia Who doesn’t love trivia? Besides the fact that it allows employees to flex their history and pop culture muscles, it’s also incredibly team-oriented.

  • Start a Book Club Grab a book related to your field and have everyone read it over a few weeks. Then, set aside some time to sit and chat about it (over snacks!).

So, have you chosen the first one to start?

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