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What makes a good manager?

The success of teamwork mainly comes from good managing. Especially in Hospitality, the ability to guide a team is crucial during busy shifts. When a problem is presented, only the right leadership can hold the team together, fixing the situation as nothing has happened.

"With great power comes great responsibility. So, which are the skills that make a good manager?

Here’re some tips for you and your staff. According to “”, the most important skills are communication, persuasion and leadership.

  1. Communication When you're the boss you need to communicate with people in every direction. How do so? Be accurate. Always put your case forward honestly and sensibly. Be clear. Sometimes you can say more with fewer words. Time is money. Be constructive. Take a problem-solving approach and look for possible solutions to an issue.

  2. Persuasion This is one of the most important leadership traits a manager can have: Be confident. Avoid words like 'may' and 'might', and expressions like 'I think'. You won't just think – you'll know. Be credible. Your staff will only let themselves be persuaded if you demonstrate that you know what you're talking about. Emphasise the benefits. People are always easier to persuade when they can see a clear positive outcome.

  3. Leadership Being a good leader means taking charge, and others respecting you enough to follow: Be positive. A positive attitude is contagious, will keep your team relaxed and focused on the goal. Be passionate. To inspire others, be enthusiastic about what you and your team are doing and let it show.

Becoming a good manager takes experience, giving yourself the time to grow.

Remember to be humble so you can learn from others or experience.

Be fair, trust your staff and give them your attention when needed. Create a positive work environment, build team spirit and make time for fun.

Remember that when a group is strong and united any problem will find a solution.

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