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Temporary employment: why yes?

Have you ever thought of Temporary Employment? If you are an employer or an employee interested to know about it, keep reading! We selected different reasons why you should consider it for you!


Why hire temporary staff?

Hiring Temporary staff can help to meet your needs, meet your clients' demands and help you navigate staffing issues, like maternity or sick leave and holiday cover.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: You don't need extensive training or other benefits

  • FLEXIBILITY: Temporary employees provide cover while you’re recruiting for permanent staff, and help in a busy period

  • ALLEVIATION OF STRESS ON PERMANENT EMPLOYEES: temporary staff can cover absences caused by holidays and sickness and you don’t need to put extra work onto other employees

  • ACCESS TO HIGHLY SKILLED WORKERS: you can find someone specially trained or experienced in the area of your need

  • REFINEMENT OF YOUR HIRING PROCESS: You’ll reduce the risk of hiring bad employees as you can extend temporary staff contracts you like and you don’t need to employ the one that is not a right fit.

  • MEET BUDGET CONSTRAINTS: can help you save money, like training

  • EASIER TO HIRE: it is an easy way to hire extra staff. We and our app will help you find the right fit and everything will be done with a click.

  • ENHANCE MORALE: Bringing in short-term hires can give fresh and outsider perspectives, which benefit your business in many ways


Why look for temporary jobs?

If you’re struggling to find a new job, or want a flexible working life, becoming a temporary employee (or a ‘temp’) could be the answer.

  • FLEXIBILITY: You are in control of your career and it’s far easier to take career breaks and fit your job around your life

  • OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN: this will give you an excellent opportunity to transfer your skills across different sectors. New opportunities to learn can be very refreshing and can offer the chance to gain new experiences.

  • QUICK WAY TO ENSURE INCOME: While you’re still looking to secure a permanent job, temping will provide you with some wages – and perhaps a better idea of where to take your career.

  • PLUG CVS GAP: It will keep you up to speed with any developments in your chosen sector and perhaps give you the chance to develop your skillset

  • LONG-TERM PROSPECT: Often, temporary roles can lead a company to offer you permanent or longer-term employment, which is great if that is your ultimate goal.

If you are interested in start hiring temporary staff we have what you need!

Contact us and we will give you access to our phone application that will help you hire and manage temporary staff in an easy, smart and fast way!

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