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CV Tips nobody tells you

How best to structure your CV? What should you include or exclude?

Filling your CV or online profile with all the crucial information Recruiters need can save them time and give you a push to be on top of the list of candidates.

Have you been reading a lot of articles on how to complete your cv and do you think it is complete and ready to go?

Before sending it to all recruiters around the globe we suggest you have a look at the following tips that our recruiter Gabriel gave us.

  1. 1. Are you looking for part-time or full-time work? If you don’t want to add this information to your Resume you can keep this piece of info for your personal profile in the Job platform (ex CV Library, Caterer, etc)

  2. Up-to-date and accurate contact information It might sound obvious but probably is not. Make sure the mobile or phone number, as well as the email address, are the ones you have access to today and that you check every day. And if you can answer during a specific moment of the day let the recruiters know so you won’t miss their call and they won’t think you are not available anymore.

  3. The employment history Make sure that all your employment history has the correct start and finish dates, with this format: Month/Year e.g. Apr'21 - Dec'22.

  4. Additional responsibilities or duties Make sure to add all the additional responsibilities and duties you had during your time in the previous job. This is really important to give an overview of all your skills, sometimes they are more than what your employment history can show. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out!

  5. A gap in your CV If you have a gap in your CV it would be nice to very briefly specify what you did during that period. It immediately looks better (e.g. traveling, education, etc). Obviously, if it is something personal that you don’t like to share with everyone, forget about this last point.

After reading these additional tips, was your resume ready to go?

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