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Useful tips for your DBS

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Useful tips for your DBS

A lot of job vacancies will require different levels of a DBS check.

No worries, we will give you some useful tips for your DBS.

DBS check

Some of the positions that usually need it are:

  • Teachers

  • Social workers

  • Childminders

  • Foster carers

  • Medical professionals

If you are one of them, you had a previous employer performed a check on you before offering you a contract of employment.

In other cases, many candidates have either had a DBS check performed by a temporary agency or have performed it themselves.

Useful tips for your DBS

The best option available to perform a DBS check (standard or enhanced depending on your career requirement).

Once you have received your physical copy, get your DBS on the update service for a small fee.

This will allow you to use your certificate in a portable manner and will be accepted by all potential employers as it is updated yearly.

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